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Stella Canada

1235 Bay Street Suite 700
Toronto, ON MSR 3K4 Canada
Phone: 416 455 3838
Fax: 905 799 2743
E-mail: sales@stellacanada.us

What Our Customers Say

Susan Thompson
Toronto ON
December 09 2015

I ordered a ST206 under mount stainless steel sink for my kitchen. The sink is large and deep and very good quality. I really like the finish of the sink.

Peter K.
Surrey BC
September 23 2015

A very good product at a decent price. If you are looking for a stainless steel sink for your kitchen, this is the one.

Lorenzo Mezzo
London ON
February 06 2014

When I was looking to replace my 20-year old "builder quality" stainless steel sink. My Plumber recommended me a Stella sink. We ended up getting a Stella ST408 rectangular single bowl 10” deep sink for my kitchen. I wouldn't have expected it, but visitors say "Wow!" when they see the sink. Wow to a sink! How about that?

Karen Smith
Halifax NS
July 13 2013

LOVE …. our new Stella sink! I whole-heartedly recommend this sink

Linda R
Edmonton, AB
Jan 10 2013

My kitchen renovator recommended a Stella sink for me. I got a double bowl sink. The sink has been installed for a little over a week now and we have had no problems. Our friends and neighbors are amazed at how beautiful it is. I maintain the sink well and I use sink grids, and I’m very satisfied with it.

Mat Carson
Barrie, ON
Jan 07 2013

After 2 weeks of using our brand new Stella sink, I notice water spots on the sink bowl, even after we towel dry the sink. Also, noticed minor scratches on the sink. I contacted Stella Office, Roger at sales, guided me how to clean the sink with “Flitz” metal polish and to follow the instructions as mentioned in their web site. After cleaning the sink as instructed, now my sink looks almost brand new back again. Now I use the sink grids, which prevent the sink getting scratched. I really value their after sales service.

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