How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Sink:

With the abundance of choices available, it can often be daunting to find the perfect sink to meet your specific needs. Here at Stella Canada,we understand the difficulties in the selection process and have compiled the ultimate guide to selecting your perfect kitchen sink. 

The Size of the Sink:

Whether you want to replace an existing sink, or are on the prowl for a new one, the size of your potential kitchen sink is of utmost importance. Consider the possible modifications to your cabinetry and surrounding area, especially when restoring a newer sink into an already existing hole in your countertop.

Additionally, consider the overall size of your sink, taking heed of the tasks you want the sink to accomplish. A larger sink provides more space for washing dishes and storage but also minimizes countertop space, a factor to consider if you have a smaller kitchen.

The Material of the Sink:

Stainless Steel:

Made from premium quality 304 series 18/10 chrome-nickel stainless steel Highly durable, affordable and a classic-modern touch to your kitchen.

Granite/Quartz Composite:

Hardy and durable Scratch, dent and chip-resistant in comparison to quartz composite repels dirt and liquids and offers remarkable resistant to heat and impact (can tolerate up to 280°C (536°F)) Ideal for heavy and tedious kitchen work

Single Bowl or Double Bowl:

Keep in mind the purpose and the everyday tasks of your desired kitchen sink.

As the traditional kitchen sink contains a double (equal-sized) bowl sink for washing, drying and holding dishes, it may not be ideal for users who have a smaller kitchen space, or don’t need to wash a lot of dishes. If a lack of space is a concern, and double bowls are desired, a large bowl and a smaller bowl combination would be sufficient.

If not, even an oversized bowl paired with a large bowl is also ideal to aid to a busy kitchen. There is a plethora of sink-size combinations available to cater to your needs by Stella Canada, ranging from double bowl, single bowl, oversized and smaller sink options to choose from.

Top-mount / Drop in sinks:

A topmount sink, also called an over-mount sink, rests on top of the countertop, displaying the edges of the sink over the cabiet. Ideal for laminate countertops 

Under-mount Sinks:

Under mount sinks has seamless and smoother look, compared to DROP-IN sinks. Ideal for marble, granite or quartz countertops. Can be installed with a positive, negative or zero reveal on your cabinetry. Can provide you with extra bow-depth. Leaves a clean and undisturbed finish to your kitchen countertop. Cleanup is made easier and less tedious as compared to top-mount sinks.

Farmhouse /Apron Sinks:

Operates as a large single or a double bowl sink. Apron sinks adds a vintage and timeless look to your kitchen.  A sleeker and spacious bowl sink, that can expand slightly past the countertop/cabinet. Apron sinks add an accent of color/ metallic to your kitchen design.

Design of the Sink:

The design of your dream kitchen sink is vital to the overall flow of your kitchen. At Stella Canada, we provide various sink shapes ranging from the classic rounder basin to the more modern square basin designs. The edges of you sink can be rounded, curved or straight depending on the size and style of your desired sink. Additionally, consider the useful capacity of the sink by looking down at its radius, the lower surface of the basin.

When is the best time to select a sink ?

Before the start of your kitchen renovation. Try your best to purchase your sink before layout design, countertop selection or cabinet options are sorted out. Acknowledge the limitations of countertop/cabinet space if you mean to replace an already existing sink. By purchasing your sink beforehand, it ensures that the rest of your kitchen renovation will focus on function, convenience and simplicity with the sink as focal point. Likewise, contact a professional to consider the bowl depth to confirm that there is ample space underneath the sink after installation to ensure that space is allocated to other additional fixtures (ex. Faucets, pipes, etc.).

Choosing the perfect sink can be a daunting task, but when you find it, your entire kitchen will begin to harmonize. Thus, establishing quality, design, function and uniqueness to your humble home. We at Stella Canada hope to ensure that, your sink stands against the test of time and continues to bring happiness to your home and to your life.