Sink Installation methods

Method of installing a sink depends on the type of sink. There are different methods to install a topmount sink, undermount or farmhouse sink.

Installing a top mount sink

A top mount is installed on top of the counter top. Usually top mount sinks are mounted on laminate counter tops and not on solid surface counter tops The deck of a top mount sink is designed with a finish edge around the sink to suite as a top mount sink. It is very important that sink cut out is precisely cut, before installing a topmount sink.  Topmount sinks can be removed and installed without damaging countertops.  For an installation of a topmount sink, services of a professional, experienced installer is recommended.

Installing a farmhouse sink

Installation of a farmhouse /apron sink is more of a professional job. Farmouse sinks installed below the countertop and features an exposed sink front that extends out slightly farther than the cabinet below it. Ideal for any solid surface countertop, it offers a unique look that highlights the sink design and material. This is a classic look, but its installation requires a professional, experienced installer and may require a specially designed base cabinet, as farmhouse sinks are usually heavier than regular sinks.

Installing an undermount sink

  1. Reveal sink mount – In this method of sink installation part of the sink rim will be shown.
  2. Flush mount – This method of installation also referred to as no reveal.
  3. Over hang mount – In this method the counter top pass the sink edge, and over laps the sink rim on all sides.

Due to the nature of mounting to a solid surface, we recommend undermount sinks should be installed by a professional, experienced