Product Use & Care

A Guide to Use and Care for your Stella Stainless Steel Sink :

How to clean stubborn stains in your sink with a cleaner :

Pure stainless steel sinks, specially the sinks which are 16 gauge and 18 gauge sinks (Under mount sinks) reacts with the environment strongly than top mount sinks which are 20 gauge or 22 gauge. ( Low numbers means the thickness is less). When the thickness of the sink is greater, properties of stainless steel are greater as well. As a result thicker gauge stainless steel sinks gets a thin film builds up on the surface of the sink.

Initially this thin build up is not visible, but if regular cleaning is not done on a periodic manner, it could be visible over time as dull cloudy patches on the sink bowl surface. This is more visible on more gleaming, smooth surface sinks. Over time this builds up magnetic properties to attract tiny particles of metal kitchen utensils, metal pots and pans, which come off them with usage. The magnetic properties of the thin film that has got build on the surface of the sink bowl makes those metal particles get stuck to the surface of the sink bowls of the stainless steel sink. These tiny metal particles eventually will rust and make stain on the sink bowl.

When regular periodic cleaning does not remove stains on your sink, we recommend that you use “Flitz” metal cleaner and polish, to take out the stains of your sink. This will also, take out light scratches on the sink.

How to use “Flitz” metal clean and polish on your sink :